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Tracey Isani Vicente

Testimonial received April 19th, 2013 Via Email


 "Good Morning!

This is a testimony that I would like to share of the good experience I had with the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

On two occasions, I was rushed to the emergency section of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital with a referral from my personal gynecologist.  I was having internal bleeding caused by an ectopic pregnancy on both occasions.   

I can honestly say, that I was dealt with immediately and was prepared for surgery to occur in less than an hour.  Both of my surgeries were successful done by Dr. Ruth Gough.  Thanks to Dr. Gough and the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, I am still alive today. 

Even though I have heard a lot of negative comments about the hospital and the Doctors, I was still confident with them and happy that both times I went to the hospital and was dealt with professionally and quickly.

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank the Doctors and Staff at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for their Efficient and Effective work. 

Thank You!

Tracey Vicente
Jesus Loves Us All"



Donald Matura

Admitted to KHMH Surgical Ward March 1, 2013 Succumbed to injuries on March 27th, 2013


"I would rather want to take this opportunity to focus on the positive in all of this… Dr. Jose Moguel who operated on me for over five hours assisted by Dr. Leah Rosado and the nurses in the operating theater at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital…the work of these doctors and nurse brought me back to life when I was almost given up for dead… special thanks to the few brave men who against the instructions of the police and BDF, who were the first responders at the scene, they insisted that I was still alive and should be quickly removed from the scene and taken to the hospital. It was their timely decision that made a difference in saving my life."



Manuel Alfredo Acosta

Open Heart Surgery Recipient; October 29th, 2012


“First the glory belongs to the lord. Second, Doctor Coye and the doctors in the hospital here are so nice and sweet—they let you feel at home—the nurses; everything was just perfect. The specialist that came down and talk to you so calm and nice that you get to trust in them. And I said, I told Doctor Coye that I was going to come here and let you all take the picture of this so people can see...I think a man like Doctor Coye, we Belizeans should really appreciate because he is up there with some of the best.”




Aaley Leslie

“I was admitted here at KHMH on 9-28-2010 in the Medical Ward and have had the wonderful opportunity to have Caleb Gillette, Larel Guzman, Wendy Reyes, Noreen Palacio, Sarita Gillette, Yaneth Benton, Karla West, Norelis Perez, and Melesse Humes written about to be my nurses. I strongly believe that they should be acknowledged for their outstanding performance with their duties…”




Shanell Rodriguez and Family

“To the doctors, nurses and staff at the Pediatric Ward of KHMH, thanks a billion for everything you all have done for us. You all made a difference in our life. With God at the top leading you all in the right direction, our Miracle (Shanell Rodriguez) is still here. You all are family to us now and we can’t say “thank you” enough. Keep up the great Work and God Bless U All…”




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