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Social Work


Mrs. Sandra Moguel - Medical Social Worker


sp_moguelThe KHMH of today places focus on total wellness, and social work, itself recently added as a field of degree study at the country’s national university, is a critical component of the hospital’s services. Mrs. Sandra Moguel, a medical social worker, spends her days counseling, educating teenagers, helping with evaluating, reporting and counseling of carnal knowledge case, homeless cases, attempted suicide, sexual abuse, domestic violence, neglect and abandonment, grief, and HIV/AIDS. Patients diagnosed with cancer also are assisted, particularly when they are referred abroad. Her job entails assisting them with logistics and arrangements such as documentation and hospital arrangements, with a fair number of these being in Merida or Guatemala City. She assists in arranging payment plans for those who require CT Scans, ultrasound, and Echo Cardiogram but are unable to pay for such services. She also coordinates with service organizations. These include Rotary Club and Texas Shriner’s Hospital in the case of severe burn victims and with Jacksonville Memorial Hospital, and with Hands in Hands Ministries, particularly after evaluation of HIV cases in children. Patients come directly to her at the KHMH or are referred from the regional hospitals.


Mrs. Moguel began at the Old Belize City Hospital in 1990 and crossed over to KHMH in 1995, with only a five year break of service. She is an example of a KHMH provider who worked her way up through the system, beginning as a secretary/referrals abroad clerk and moving on to receive a degree in social work from the University of Belize. Much of her work involves not just job knowledge, but a breadth of understanding of and sensitivity to the many different cultures in Belize. Her day demands much team coordination with nurses and doctors, particularly when emergency cases come up.


She has three children, and simply relaxing after a day’s work allows her to unwind and spend time with them.


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