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Pharmacy and Medical Technology

Marisol Melhado – Chief Pharmacist RPH, BPharm


sp_melhadoMarisol G. Melhado is a registered pharmacist since 1996. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Technology of Jamaica, doing her thesis on Pharmacovigilance. She began her training at the University College of Belize, at that time doing volunteer work at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) and before The Old Belize City Hospital. Upon becoming a registered pharmacist Ms. Melhado worked for 11 years in Community Pharmacy and in 2009 joined KHMH and presently holds the Head of Department (Pharmacy) post.


As the Head of Department, Ms. Melhado is dedicated to ensure quality service to the general public. She does this most efficiently and effectively with energized staff members that can boost of fifty-four years of professional experience cumulative. Ms. Melhado also ensures her staff be kept current with different Medical guidelines through continued education.


With the fact that KHMH is the largest referral and tertiary hospital in the country, the Head of the Pharmacy Department, Ms. Melhado is also entrusted with the duty of being a preceptor for pharmacy students of the University of Belize. Students are being hosted through out the three year Pharmacy Program and for their Internship program. Ms. Melhado lectured part time at the University of Belize and currently continues to help the University with being a current preceptor of its Clinical rotations. Ms. Melhado is a firm believer that in any profession the passing on of knowledge is of upmost importance and as a professional you fully complete your personal growth once you have done so.


It is the goal of Ms. Melhado to meet the ongoing and increasing demands that the general public places on the institution. One way she sees this happening is providing continuous excellent pharmaceutical service (quality and quantitative). She desires that the institution implement satellite pharmacies to even better the current pharmaceutical service; especially a 24hour pharmacy outpost at a critical unit which the Accident and Emergency Department.


In her down time, Ms. Melhado loves to play chess, especially computer simulated games



Pharmacist Association of Belize (Current President)

Caribbean Association of Pharmacist (Liaison Officer, Belize)

Commonwealth Pharmacist Association

Belize City Lions Club



Mr. Walwyn Tillett – Manager, Stat Lab: Medical Technologist


sp_tillettMr. Walwyn Tillett began working at the old Belize City Hospital in the early 1960s, as a junior lab technician. He progressed to the Director of the Laboratory services in 1989 and became part of the team that organized the stat lab when the KHMH was being planned. Initially, at the Old Belize City Hospital, the stat lab provided call-out services for emergency case. Thus, causing a loss of time as the hospital sent for the technician. The forerunner for the stat lab was the survey for chagas countrywide with finance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Research showed that chagas is a parasitic disease acquired by a bite that affects the heart. This lasted for 2 years after which the room used for that program was then converted to the stat lab, which Mr. Tillett manages today


He is an alumnus of the former Belize Technical College. He joined the hospital well over a generation ago as a junior lab technician, and then furthered his training through a PAHO-sponsored program in Jamaica, which was a 1-year lab certificate course in medical technology. He then returned to the hospital for another year and a half before going back to Jamaica to specialize in hematology blood banking. Mr. Tillett has also taught at the University of Belize on a part time basis in the medical laboratory technology program upon his retirement from the Central medical Laboratory; he then returned to head the stat lab in 2007. An avid singer, he is a member of the Ebenezer’s Choir and a former member of Orpheus, the Male choral.



Caribbean Association of Medical Technologists

Credit Unionist



Co-investigator in a survey on mosquitoes and prevalence of hepatitis and chagas





Mr. Eduardo Alfred Flowers – Senior Dispenser


sp_flowersA typical day for Mr. Edward Flowers, Senior Dispenser at the KHMH Pharmacy, is dispensing medication, both injectables and tablets, for both inpatient and outpatient prescriptions. The job also entails strict adherence to the safekeeping and registration of all medication. He has been the senior dispenser since 2002. He describes the KHMH’s facility as a clinical pharmacy. Because it is the tertiary referral provider for the country, this means the plethora of medical prescription needs come to his door. During his off time, Mr. Flowers enjoys playing football to exercise the body and listening to music to soothe the mind.



Pharmacy Association of Belize




Miss. Beverly Nadene Coleman – Senor Pharmacist/ Dispenser


b_colemanBeverly Coleman has been a registered pharmacist since 1992, joining the KHMH is mid 1999. For her, part of the fulfillment from working at the LHMH comes from the opportunity to work with the specialists, learning about new and interesting medical cases at the tertiary-level medical institution that the KHMH is. In her spare time, Ms. Coleman enjoys cake decorating, reading and travelling.



Pharmacy Association of Belize


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