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Many of KHMH’s employees are also nationally recognized experts, volunteers, part time lecturers and coaches. They are active in their children’s parent teachers associations, volunteers at schools and service organizations’ functions and contributors to Belize’s national development and social consciousness.


A little over 20 specialist fields of service are available at the KHMH, combining to make a team pool upon which the country’s national referral hospital is able to depend. Contacts and links with hospitals such as Texas’ Shriner’s Institute, and International Hospital for Children and local partners like the Rotary Gift for Life program and Hand in Hand Ministries enable KHMH to also offer referral advice in the event the medical care required is beyond its current scope and resources. Such strategic alliances/partnerships also occasion the working visits, from time to time, of specialists from abroad to service the specialist clinics or to assist with particular cases.


Moreover, the KHMH specialist, while professional to the core on the jobsite, is also very human, able to relate to the vast range of patients at the country’s national referral hospital. It would be no surprise, for example, to bok op (meet/ come across) a KHMH anesthesiologist snorkeling Belize’s world famous Barrier Reef on the much appreciated day off with the family; or to share a basketball court with a KHMH general practitioner who relaxes by shooting baskets; or to exchange a friendly game of chess with the chief pharmacist; or to feel the thrill of national pride when research outputs by KHMH practitioners also position the institution as a contributor to the tracking of global medical trends and issues. All in all, KHMH has the best doctors in the country that work as a team in providing the best health care services to patients, and like the patients they see, they too partake in familiar leisure activities.


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