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History of the Program


The Internship Program is run by the Ministry of Health, and KHMH is one of the participating hospitals, along with the Western Regional Hospital at this stage in the program’s development. The program started in 2006, realizing an idea first proposed in 2000 when the Ministry and the Medical Council of Belize tabled the need for an internship program. The impetus was particularly to facilitate the introduction of Belizeans coming from Cuban medical schools into the health services. It was seen as necessary because the training received in the Cuban medical system was geared for practice in that setting, which is somewhat different from that in Belize. Thus, a period of supervised practice was put in place before full registration for independent practice could be received. Another impetus was that there were a number of medical schools, in the Caribbean region including Belize,  that were giving medical training to Belizean and CARICOM nationals, and these particular schools did not have an internship program. So in order to practice in Belize, Belizean graduates would have to undertake an internship program somewhere, so this program has served this need as well.


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