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Emergency Service



Accessing KHMH Accident and Emergency (A&E)


The Accident and Emergency Unit, also known as the A&E Unit, at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital offers  24 hour services for 52 weeks.  KHMH A&E has both staff and equipment readily available to handle emergency cases that are not limited to mass casualties, road traffic accidents (RTA), strokes, over dosage (OD), burn, broken limbs, food poisoning, stabbings and gunshots. There is also a pediatric observation/treatment room and a gynecology observation/treatment room for patients needing these services. The A& E also has an asthma bay area equipped with five stations for treatment. The ‘New Trauma’ room at A&E houses a nurses station, a bathroom and 7 beds. Patients are evaluated, treated, observed, released and/or admitted based on their condition.


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