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Testimonials 2014


With Thanks…Geon Hanson’s Road to Recovery

“I would like to thank Dr. Moguel, Dr. Coye and all the other doctors and nurses who helped with my surgery.”

-Geon Hanson, KHMH Patient 2013/2014

Story: Road Traffic Accident Victim


Geon Hanson is a nature loving, athletic 22 year-old who lives in Belmopan City, Belize and is a well known junior cyclist who avidly representsgeon in chair the Capital City Cycling Club in local races. Like most professional cyclists, Geon routinely trains at dawn on the George Price Highway, located west of the country of Belize. Becoming a successful cyclist is dependent on self discipline and dedication which often times requires training on holidays, weekends, anniversaries and even birthdays; training eventually becomes a part of everyday life which is the case for Geon and Christmas Eve of 2013 would be no different for this driven young man.


About 30minutes into his routine ride on the highway he was rear-ended by a passenger bus. According to Geon, the immediate impact was not felt so much so that he did not feel his body hitting and breaking the windshield of the bus, nor did he feel being violently flung into a shallow “mud-water” ditch which was a considerable distance from his point of impact with the bus. Sharp pain traveling throughout his back, overshadowed the realization that he was hit by a bus; however, the pain triggered an almost instant reflex action to see if he had control of his mobility of moving his legs. In his semi conscious state, he comprehended that he had control over his leg movement but failed in an attempt to stand. Realizing that he was unable to stand, and oblivious to the fact that a couple feet away was a passenger he weakly filled his lungs with air and faintly called out for help. After several shouts, in what felt like hours passing by, he recalls two pre-teen boys standing over him, followed by their mother. After understanding that he was heard, his memory fades in and out but “luckily” recalls Geon “a nurse was on the bus” and she was able to rendered initial first aid techniques until an ambulance came. Once in the ambulance, Geon sunk deeper into a semi conscious state and went fully unconscious upon his arrival to the Western Regional Hospital, located in Belmopan City.   Suffering from massive internal injuries, he was taken into emergency surgery, stabilized and rushed via ambulance to Belize City for further lifesaving surgery at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH).


On December 25th, 2014, Christmas Day, Geon arrived at KHMH as a polytrauma patient, suffering multiple injuries, of a flail chest and a crushed abdomen. From the Accident and Emergency unit at KHMH he was taken into surgery where he had simultaneous chest and abdomen surgery. Dr. Adrian Coye, Cardio Thoracic Surgeon, performed a left anterolateral totomycotomy to correct the portion of the rib cage that was separated from the chest wall and repaired ruptured vessels that contributed to Geon’s internal hemorrhaging, while Dr. Jose Moguel performed a re-exploratory laparotomy and repaired an ascending colon caused by the incident. A little over the three hour wait, a doctor emerged from KHMH’s Operating Theater and told the family that the surgery was successful and explained their findings of bruised organs, broken ribs and a punctured/collapsed lung. They also explained that his spleen was removed; he would be placed in an induced coma and will be admitted to the Adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in an effort for him to have a more successful recovery.


According to Geon’s parents, Mr. George and Anna Hanson, “he woke up” after three days of being in the induced coma and Geon explains the moment he regained consciousness while in the ICU as being “surreal” because it was at that point that he saw the IV tubes, heard the pulsing heart monitor and saw his family and the KHMH nurses hovering over him. Still groggy from the medication, but alert non-the-less, he realized that he was in the hospital. He was happy to see his loved ones considering his last memory was calling out for help in a dark ditch. As the days progressed, Geon recovered better than expected and within days he was walking. After spending two weeks in the ICU, Geon was informed that he would be transferred out of ICU to the General Surgical Ward (GSW) at KHMH and recalls it being a “Bitter-sweet” moment. At the Surgical Ward he had his first taste of solid food again, and describes his Surgical Ward experience as “nice” because the nurses would check on him, explain the medication he was taking and was “treated nicely” by the nurses at the GSW. After spending 18 days at KHMH, Geon was discharged on January 10th, 2014.


“The doctors and nurses at KHMH love what they do”, reflected Geon. “I was treated nicely and they were very helpful”. “My experience was good and I would tell anyone who visits KHMH to give the doctors and nurses a chance to do their job”, concluded Geon. 



Testimonials 2012/2013

Donald Matura

"I would rather want to take this opportunity to focus on the positive in all of this… Dr. Jose Moguel who operated on me for over five hours assisted by Dr. Leah Rosado and the nurses in the operating theater at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital…the work of these doctors and nurse brought me back to life when I was almost given up for dead… special thanks to the few brave men who against the instructions of the police and BDF, who were the first responders at the scene, they insisted that I was still alive and should be quickly removed from the scene and taken to the hospital. It was their timely decision that made a difference in saving my life."

-Admitted to the Surgical Ward March 1st, 2013


Aaley Leslie

“I was admitted here at KHMH on 9-28-2010 in the Medical Ward and have had the wonderful opportunity to have Caleb Gillette, Larel Guzman, Wendy Reyes, Noreen Palacio, Sarita Gillette, Yaneth Benton, Karla West, Norelis Perez, and Melesse Humes written about to be my nurses. I strongly believe that they should be acknowledged for their outstanding performance with their duties…”


Shanell Rodriguez and Family

“To the doctors, nurses and staff at the Pediatric Ward of KHMH, thanks a billion for everything you all have done for us. You all made a difference in our life. With God at the top leading you all in the right direction, our Miracle (Shanell Rodriguez) is still here. You all are family to us now and we can’t say “thank you” enough. Keep up the great Work and God Bless U All…”




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