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The Belize Emergency Medicine Program


Belize City Belize (July 11th, 2014)  The Accident and Emergency Department at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital is the largest andgroup 4 photoshop
busiest unit in the country of Belize. Each year there are more than 30,000 encounters and all categories of emergencies are managed successfully there. It is the only hospital with a mass casualty plan and would be the site for care even for air traffic accidents, if they were to occur. Despite our many successes especially in trauma care, it has been recognized that this very important resource requires a major strengthening to deal with the more complex issues that match the evolving role of the KHMH as the only Tertiary Care Public facility in the country of Belize.


The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, has entered into a relationship with the Medical College of Wisconsin with the aim of providing advanced training in Emergency Medicine to a group of doctors and nurses currently working in the hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department. A two year structured curriculum has been developed and since January 2014, there has been ongoing targeted training being conducted by certified Emergency Medicine Specialist Doctors and Nurses affiliated with the Medical College of Wisconsin, which entails three two-week sessions per year, where the instructors travel to Belize and train KHMH A and E staff, and one two-week observership period for the KHMH staff in Wisconsin.

On Saturday July 12th, four A and E staff left for their two week observerhsip in Wisconsin, Dr. Rigo Montejo, Dr. Marta Habet, Nurse Shirlee Samuels (Sister) and Nurse Joelito Obligado. The team will officially start participating in high fidelity simulations and close observership of their instructors at work on Monday July 14th, 2014 and is scheduled to return on Sunday July 27th, 2014.


The Belize Emergency Medicine Program aims to upgrade and modernize the quality of patient care being delivered in the Accident and Emergency Department of KHMH. This enterprise will have a NATIONAL IMPACT as the KHMH continues to fulfill its role as the “safety net” for the entire country.


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