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KHMH Adopt-A-Ward Program


Help to create a good first and lasting impression of KHMH.


The Adopt-A-Ward Program of KHMH encourages members of the community to adopt a wall, ward, hall or room in the hospital, whether in the form of equipment, supplies, and labor or help to sustain the program with financial support. Its aim is to improve the facilities where majority of Belizeans are accommodated for their health needs. When the community is involved, it provides an opportunity for all of us to make a direct impact through ownership of the hospital and the health process.




Adopt-A-Ward requires the commitment of time, energy, capital and expertise of a business or organization to a wall, ward, hall or room. The program is flexible because it allows adopters to develop their own goals based on the resources of the adopter and the needs of the adopted area. Adopters are the lifeblood of the program without whose active participation the program could not exist.




Sustainers provide the financial support necessary for the coordination and administrative function of the program. Businesses and organizations that are unable to commit to the Adopt-A-Ward Program by actually adopting a wall, ward, hall or room are provided the opportunity to extend financial support to the program. The success of a program such as this requires a great deal of financial and moral support that is vital for maintaining its effectiveness and future development. Contributions from sustainers provide the additional funding for the purchase of materials and other resources as needed to support the efforts of the program.



Brenda Card Stuart

Training/Public Relations Coordinator

Tel: + (501) 223-1548 Ext. 279

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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