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This educational  15 chapter manual is a firts in the history of Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and the country of Belize. Its purpose is best explained in the 'Foreword' below written by Mr. John Waight, Orthopedict Specialist at KHMH








The creation of this manual is another significant step in the journey of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) toward becoming a world-class tertiary care medical institution. In this age of protocol, its purpose is to offer useful guidelines for emergency medical practices and to standardize emergency medical care.


Written by KHMH staff, past and present, mostly Specialists with considerable experience in their respective fields, it describes best medical practices in our setting.


The manual approaches the treatment of the condition of patients presenting to the emergency room(ER). It includes various aspects of trauma as well as emergencies in the fields of Internal Medicine and its subspecialties, Pediatrics and Gynecology. It also includes a contribution by the Anesthesiologist on emergency airway management. The text is written clearly and the chapters follow the format of stated objectives and introduction followed by diagnosis and management and ends with an extensive list of relevant references.


This work is intended primarily for doctors in the ER and practitioners engaged in the field of emergency medical practice. It will also be of interest to medical students and to practitioners working in less accessible areas that are form time to time called upon to administer first-line emergency care.


The manual is the brainchild of Doctors Jorge Hidalgo and Pedro Arriaga, both Medical Specialist at the KHMH. They have both been long-time contributors to the Annual Congress of the Belize Medical and Dental Association and the KHMH. Its completion is a tribute to their determined efforts.

J.J.W.Waight F.R.C.S.Ed.


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